It’s a Tuesday

It’s a Tuesday

Do you know what we do on Tuesdays? If you said wear pink… you’re thinking about Wednesdays, and clearly, Mean Girls.

You want to know what I do on Tuesdays? I show you a fashion trend and how it looks on a plus size body. I am sure you have heard, but layering is in– so is grunge. I bring you my twisted version of both.

Somedays, you need to wear a messy ponytail. No judgement, I love a good ol’ messy do.



Some plus size women do not like to show their arms, but some do. It really depends on my mood, but above you see this outfit unlayered. Below you see the full layered look. Tell me which one you like better!


Look at that chambray on top of that yellow! I am digging it! I am obsessed with plaid this season too. I don’t think that is going away for me. Plaid and denim, count me in!

I worse this outfit doing errands on Sunday, and I can’t tell you how confident I felt. I love when you find an outfit that just feels so good on. I think it’s important to have several pieces in your closet that you don’t need to do much to, to make them absolute show stoppers.

Those pants for example, are show stoppers in my heart. I hope you feel the same way.

Talk to you soon.




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