Men aren’t funny

Men aren’t funny

Today, I decided to feature an extraordinary amount of sass with my new “Men aren’t funny” tee and this beautiful plush tutu I got from Society+. I saw this tee featured on Lauren Lapkus’s Instagram here. You can purchase one here. I actually got a mens size 2XL because I like my T-shirts loose, and women’s sizing usually run weird on me (plus I am typically a 3/ 3XL/24). I also do not wear a lot of plain tees, so normally they double as sleep shirts. My husband is the one that actually saw this shirt first and showed it to me because he wanted one, and he knew I would want one too. I literally bought Tony(my husband) and I the shirt 5 minutes after he showed it to me. Here is my husband in his.

This tulle skirt though. Can you say princess? I am absolutely obsessed with tutus and full skirts like this. I think that there is nothing more flattering on a plus size woman than a high waisted skirt. It may not be for everyone, but anyone that it’s not for, I will take their share and more. The cool thing about this skirt is the quality of it. I don’t know if I will ever buy a tutu from anyone else (that’s probably a lie, given my obsession with tulle skirts). I highly recommend trying out Society+’s skirts. I will say– I am not the biggest fan of the satin material that Society+ belts the tutu with, but thats an easy fix with a belt or a loose shirt. And beyond that, this skirt is a complete knockout! It has a whopping 5 layers of tulle which makes it nice and full. You can’t help but feel like an absolute princess! And Society+ knows it, look at the cute tag that’s stitched into the skirt (such a cute detail)!






Society+ Detail– how cute.

Blush Tutu : Regular price $79.99 (But one thing I will say, they almost always have some sort of sale going on– I used a coupon for a $100 off of $200 when I bought a bunch of stuff from them) I got it in a size 22/24.

Men Aren’t Funny : Regular Price $25

Hat & Shoes from (unfortunately, they were both on clearance so they are no longer in stock)


I hope you all feel like princesses today because you deserve it! Maybe you just need this tulle skirt to inspire you! Haha 🙂

Xo, Taylor



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