Sangria Fever

Sangria Fever

I know, it’s almost summer, and I am wearing wine. You can call me crazy, but I hate letting seasons dictate what colors I can and can not wear. So, let’s call this color a nice “sangria” and give it a little more summery vibe. Today I am featuring this beautiful “sangria” colored top from Yours Clothing, and because I am gearing up for the hot heat of Phoenix, AZ, I am sporting an off the shoulder style. I am a huge fan of off the shoulder tops. I love showing off some skin, even though I am a nice translucent white color (my skin color would never convince anyone that I am a desert baby, but I swear I live in AZ).

My husband is a ginger, so I have to hide him from the sun which keeps me as pale as the moon 😉 . But I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I normally lean towards a dark wash jeans, but I got these distressed jeans from Torrid that I am obsessed with. I think it goest really well with this top, plus it’s a nice contrast to the dark vest. And the distressed look has been trending, so you know, got to add those back to my closet.



I have been wanting to try the faux fur style for awhile. I personally think in vest form is the ideal way to do it! And buying this vest on clearance means there was no real risk. What do you guys think? I do think that the top can stand alone, but I like the texture the vest adds to this outfit.

Wine Off the Shoulder Top: Yours Clothing on Clearance $14

Light Wash Distressed Jeans: Torrid $68.90 (a little on the priced side for me– but so worth it)

Furry Vest: Yours Clothing on Clearance for $21

Boots also bought from Yours Clothing

Maybe you can tell, but I am can be quite a bargain shopper. I like to get my money’s worth, but look at this outfit… It looks like I paid FULL price for it. AMIRITE?! Hah

I Am.



*This is not a sponsored post.

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