It’s all about the drama

It’s all about the drama

First off, can we just talk about this week? My husband had a cold, and so I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t catch it because nobody has time for that… Well, I must of pissed somebody off… because I did catch it, and now all I want to do is sleep. Sooo… I am on a bunch of cold medicine. I will do my best to not ramble through this post, but I’m not fully put together today.

Regardless… Here it goes:

Society+ did it again. Drama. DRAMA. I am living for this vest. LIVING.


One thing that I adore about Society+ is that they sew pockets into most of their garments, and I know that I am not the only one that gets excited about pockets! These vests come in multiple colors, so depending on your taste/outfit you can really add some drama or a color pop to any outfit. I am so in love with this vest, that I would literally buy  it in every color… I am not lying. I am so into it!!!


Navy is such a flattering color. This dress is super simple, which is why a beautiful statement necklace can really dress it up. Again, POCKETS!!! Thanks Society+, there are not enough pockets in the world.

Society+ = Dia & Co. sent me this dress in one of my boxes– unfortunately it is not available on their website anymore… But there are similar styles on their website.

Here it is in Charcoal. $59.99

Here it is in Marsala. $59.99

Society+ Granite Vest: Here $89.99

I want to show you this beautiful Berry colored version I am currently obsessed with as well… Check it out!

Shoes bought from Payless, Statement necklace from Fashion to Figure, and Leggings from Forever 21.


Okay now it is time for more sleep. ZZZzzz



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