I know a lot of plus size women dislike the idea of hiding behind black clothes because they are supposed to be the most “flattering.” I know from time to time I can definitely get in a rut where I’m not feeling confident and I will rely on clothing that makes me feel more invisible. EFF THAT NOISE though. I do think that a LBD is a nice staple to have in your wardrobe, but find one that you feel edgy and sparkle in! Don’t retreat in a black dress because you want to hide.

Everybody needs a good LBD (“little” black dress). I know for me, I’m attracted to anything that has some tulle on it. I mean, I guess I just want to be a princess. :p

Wearing a LBD is a good opportunity to wear a punch of color and add some bling!

I chose to add this stunning necklace that really amps up the dressiness of this look.

I also added a pop of a purple-pink lip to finish off this look and these ballet flats that I have been obsessed with!!!

What are some other staples you guys have in your closet?


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