Tutus & Jean Jackets

Tutus & Jean Jackets

I’m currently sitting in one of my new favorite coffee shops waiting for my husband to finish his “day job,” so we can go teach our improv class that we do at night. I’m sipping on a black coffee, that I’m my doctor asked me to stop drinking because of my anxiety. I feel more at peace than I have for awhile, so I’m telling myself that I’m allowed to have it. I think that’s fair. Plus it’s delicious, and I couldn’t say no today. There is just something about coffee and working on a laptop that seems to go hand and hand. Maybe that’s just my inner hipster talking, but I’m kind of okay with it. It probably should be illegal that I can spend less than $3, and mooch on free internet, refills, and a really cool ambience for hours on end. But here I am looking at pictures of me in a tutu and thinking about how much more I want to buy from Society+.

Everyone knows how much I love tulle. If you don’t, you should.

I was a tomboy growing up, so I think that my love for tulle as an adult makes up for my many of years dreaming of being Indiana Jones as a kid. I missed out on acting like a princess, and now it’s time to capitalize on that feeling as an adult.

And I do, because of the magical plus size boutique Society+. I have featured this tutu before, and I am still just as in love with it as I was when I first featured it.

Society+ is constantly adding more showstoppers to their collection, but this piece will forever be one of my favorites!

It’s such a full skirt yet it doesn’t weigh you down. It’s still very light weight and feminine.

I love the contrast of the blush and the dark denim jacket. They both really compliment each other.

But it’s also not necessary. I love the skirt with this cute checkered crop top as well.

I’m a bargain shopper sometimes, and I found this cute crackled necklace from Torrid.

I can’t stop fawning over these pictures. I love the look of this skirt, so much. I wish I could wear it EVERYDAY, but I think my day job wouldn’t be a fan of that. LOL.



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